A web app made with React, Node/Express and the Foursquare API. It finds places nearby that match a chosen category and presents them to you in a Tinder-style card, allowing you to swipe left on what you don't like and swipe right to get more information on the location.

Code Flow Extension

A Visual Studio Code extension that generates a diagram showing annotated flow between different points within your codebase. Made with TypeScript and the VS Code API alongside unit tests written using Mocha.

Pub Name Generator

Generates pub names using nouns taken from the WordNik API. Made using HTML, SASS and JavaScript

Productivity Timer

A single-page website made with JavaScript and jQuery that helps you keep track of the time spent working on a project/task with a chess-like timer.

PWA Timer

A Progressive Web App implementation of a stopwatch with set interval reminders. Made with JavaScript and Service Workers.

Games made during Game Jams

A collection of games made during game jams mostly using Unity and C#